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Our business experience spans many industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, hospitality, and others.  Projects may be focused enterprise-wide or at division or group level. The first section below presents examples of application areas where RSC has extensive experience.  The second section describes types of projects or activities where RSC Consulting can assist you with your planning or performance management needs.

Application Areas

  • Strategic Financial Planning – multi-year financial forecast including key capital and operating variables for what-if planning (sensitivity analysis)
  • Budgeting/Operations Planning – manager-driven request and approval application including related reporting (budget-to-actual), flexed, and rolling budgets
  • Performance Management – Key performance indicators (KPI’s), metrics, and scorecards – provides key managers the background and insight to understand where the business stands and what factors or activities are performing well, or not.
  • Capital Planning – independent system built at the individual capital item covering the entire capital cycle; request, ranking, approval, funds authorization, CIP, and transfer to fixed assets
  • Sales Forecasting – unit forecast driven by sales team input at product or product group level allowing for short and mid-term product demand planning (with impacts on manufacturing and purchasing schedules)

Project/Activity Description

  • Needs review focused on enhancements to an existing application
  • Broad ranging brainstorming sessions to assist in defining an optimum process – this type of projects can be of great value when executed efficiently – our decades of hands-on experience will ensure practical results
  • Analysis of new application needs including detailed specifications
  • Prototype development and validation
  • Custom development of the application where a “custom” solution is cost-effective (e.g., a 10-year strategic financial plan)
  • Re-architecture of existing application focused on optimization (speed), adding or changing data components, or changing business needs
  • Oversight and assistance services with implementation consultant work
  • Production/Bulk reporting optimization including report efficiency, data “re-organization”, etc.
  • Integration of analytic software (graphics, dashboards, executive “views”) with existing or to-be-enhanced data structures
  • Development of best practices in metrics management including:
    • Which key metrics are most effective?
    • Streamlining metrics to allow frequent and effective understanding of the business unit in question
    • How best to gather and refine data required for key metrics

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